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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Preston Neal and I'm a professional photographer from the United States. I specialize in portraits for families, couples/engagements, weddings, and both creative and professional headshots for individuals. I'm also capable of capturing multiple styles in both studio and outdoor locations with either natural or studio lighting for the best possible portraits.

What sets me apart is that I started learning photography for travel and landscape photos through my adventures in exotic faraway places. Over the years this has taught me to find the best composed and scenic shots for each location. Using these early experiences in photography as well as my background in other mediums of art, I've developed my own unique editing style for each genre I shoot. I strive to find beautiful light and interesting color no matter what the setting is. I am passionate about my work and art.

This website is my portfolio from the years of practice and developing my own distinct style in each genre you'll see. Whether you're just looking for the artistic shots, or because you're considering working with me, I hope you enjoy my work so far.

Always professional. Preston Neal Media.

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